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The clarinettist Santi Mabad concentrates his performing activity mainly in the field of contemporary and XX century music in diverse chamber music instrument forms, as well as solo and accompanied by electronic performances, where a fundamental part of his style of musical expression lies. For this reason, he is in the habit of collaborating with several contemporary composers, having premiered works by Diana Pérez Custodio, Bragado, David Vendrell, Víctor Vallés, Lula Romero, José Antonio Ariza, Roberto Pineda, Sergio Fidemraizer, OrtizMorales, Alberto C. Bernal or Sergio Blardony, amongst others.

His versatility has led him to explore a variety of instruments within the clarinet family, for example the Soprano, Bass and Contrabass. With each of these he transmits to the audience a fundamental part of his artistic language. Currently Santi Mabad is a member of the small group of clarinet players who are leading an evolution in the Contrabass Clarinet, exploring its sound and extensive technical possibilities and, in collaboration with many current composers, extending the repertoire of this instrument, somewhat unknown to the general public, but fundamental in so many aspects of contemporary music.

He fulfils his musical personality through free improvisation and experimental music collaborating with artists such as M. Breuss, J. Carmona, M. Hewins, JL Galiana, R. Bellatalla, K. Korolczuk, M. Mattos, A. L. Guillén, A. Rojas-Marcos, J. Paxariño, A. Harth, P. Owczarek or Don Malfon, amongst others. Also with the FCME (Frigiliana Creative Music Ensemble), the CIM.CS (Col.lectiu d'Improvisación Musical de Castelló) and the group FISH from Fábrica de Sonido de Málaga.

His interest in the relationship between memorised musical interpretation and body movement has led him to write his doctoral thesis, presented in Malaga and awarded the highest mark.

Currently he is a teacher at the CPM Gonzalo Martín Tenllado in Malaga. Santi Mabad studied the clarinet in the CPM in La Vall d’Úixó and the CSM ”Joaquín Rodrigo” in Valencia. Subsequently he widened his studies in the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp (Belgium), with W. Boeykens and J. Guns, and at the International School of Music in Bobbio (Italy), with H. Deinzer. He has also received advice from figures such as J. E. Lluna, C. Bradbury, E. Pérez, J. V. Herrera, J. L. Estellés y A. Damiens; for bass clarinet from J. Horák y H. Sparnaay; for historic clarinet from E. Hoeprich y C. Riera and, for improvisation from E. Molina, J. L. Galiana, M. Breuss, J. Carmona and E. Parker.

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