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“In freundschaft by K Stockhausen”

This project is inspired by the lecture, given in his day by the maestro Stockhausen in which he carried out a detailed analysis of his work “In freundschaft”, a fundamental part both of his production and, doubtless, also in the repertoire for solo clarinet in the XX century. In this we make an exhaustive analysis of the score with audio of different versions of several instruments, as well as a final personal performance.

The understanding of a piece of work like this, composed in a deep reflexive process, allows us to delve deeply into it, opening our eyes for future listening, study and performance of this and any other musical piece. This is greatly enriching for performers, composers and amateurs alike.

“Bass and double bass clarinets: current situation and possibilities”

During the last decades the repertoires for the bass and the double bass clarinet are, without doubt, among those that have undergone a great transformation, increasing considerably. Today’s composers have found in these instruments a new vehicle to express their musical ideas, being used with diligence. This seminar will deal with the principal musical styles and the composers who have offered us works of recognised prestige in different musical combinations by means of audio, video, and the viewing of scores. Moreover there will be a live demonstration of the principal extended techniques on both instruments in the form of a colloquy, followed by a small concert.

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