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"INTROVISATIONS". 13 Improvisations for bass clarinet and other instruments. AL097

I consider this album, published by ALINA Records, to have two different aspects in terms of the influences of the language used. On the one hand, there is the heritage of classical contemporary music with an abstract and sometimes aleatoric language. On the other, there is that of free improvisation and experimental music with structural influences from ambient music.

The result is here, a polyhedron of technical, improvisatory and emotional possibilities around the bass clarinet, one of the most interesting instruments on the current scene.

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"FULL METAL". Works for Contrabass Clarinet solo and with electronics

This work has been published by the Columna Música record label. It contains works for Contrabass Clarinet solo by F. Donatoni, G. Scelsi and G. Brophy; In addition, three works with electronics that are the first recording result of the collaboration with S. Blardony, S. Fidemraizer and Ortizmorales. The cover is by illustrator Luciano Lozano.


Portada The Well.jpg

"THE WELL". Acoustic Ambient Improvised Music. Soprano and Bass Clarinets, Harmonique and Digital Guitars.

At the top of the mountain where the Iglesia of Santa María la Mayor of Vélez-Málaga (Axarquía, Spain) is located, there is a cistern that is believed to be from the Moorish period. It is a charming place both from an architectural and acoustic point of view and around it this sound project has emerged. So much so that it is the cistern itself that has guided our way of interpreting each moment as if it were a living organism.
This project is divided into two clear parts, the first three pieces are a field recording carried out in the cistern while the other three were carried out in Studio conditions but inspired by the same creative environment.
In pieces 1 and 2 we introduced two microphones into the tank in the space where the water is and another X-Y with the clarinet bell and the metal tube in the opening. The reverberation you hear is the natural one inside the cistern and nothing has been edited to the sound.
In piece 3 the Bass Clarinet was obviously at a certain distance from the opening of the cistern and its acoustics affected it much less than in the first two, but the natural acoustics of the building did much more.


Alina records Selección VIII_ 2020 & 2021.jpeg

"ALINA RECORDS. SELECCIÓN VIII". Varios 2020 & 2021. AL106

The record label Alina Records offers us this compilation of two and a half hours of music with a selection of material from all the albums published during the years 2020 and 2021. Essential to have a clear idea of ​​the label's work during such a difficult time for everyone due to the pandemic.

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Over to you_Improvisation duets_Amadeu Marin-Santi Mabad.jpeg

"OVER TO YOU!". Improvisation duets

This album arises as an initiative of the guitarist Amadeu Marin proposing a series of duet improvisations with different performers. The proposal of the guitar is in all cases the same, so that each of the other performers has reacted to it in a personal and different way. The piece "Deep down" is a Contrabass Clarinet and Guitar duo.


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