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In the process of teaching-learning a musical instrument there are many aspects that do not fit into the student’s individual class. Therefore we have designed a holistic instrumental learning system that we have called Dynamic-Expressive Musical Performance and Free Interpretation (IMDEIL in its Spanish initials). In this we encapsulate all the aspects that in one way or another influence the final performance that will be communicated to the audience with greater or less efficiency.


The working system of IMDEIL is divided into three different types of areas which are expanded in the following performance aspects:

  • Instrumental technique workshop. This workshop has a dual-purpose design, one for all wind instruments and another specifically for clarinets.

    • In the Technique for wind instruments workshop we work on many aspects that are common to all these instruments such as: body posture with and without the instrument, relaxation, breathing, abdominal support and the creation of a column of air without the instrument.

    • In the Technique for clarinettists workshop we concentrate also on other parameters such as articulation, the mouthpiece, learning expanded techniques according to their difficulty and the standard of the students.

  • Dynamic-expressive musical performance workshop. In this we develop two fundamental parameters in the final performance of a piece: body movement and the character of each musical theme.

    • Dynamic musical performance is a working system, which is applicable to the entire practice of orchestral instruments (except for some obvious exceptions like the piano, harp or double bass, for example). In this we start with short and simple melodic cells based on scales, arpeggios or intervals to concentrate our attention on each possible body movement throughout the performance: twisting and turning of the body, using the instrument to draw in the air, leg movements, different ways of walking … This complete range of movements enables us to learn to relax while we are playing due to the movement of the body and, later, to design simple choreographies along with the performance of melodies or appropriate pieces for one’s own standard and character.

    • Dramatic musical performance is a way of working directed towards broadening our minds when it comes to allotting a character or specific emotion to a musical theme. It is a question of being able to express as great a number of characters as possible and also with a range of register or intensity which is as contrasting as possible.

  • Free improvisation workshop. This is also appropriate for any instrument. In this workshop we learn to develop our own musical language-style based on our knowledge, styles and techniques that each one has to create our own musical pieces during the concert. We have several kinds of activities:

    • Games to develop group awareness, memory, concentration, attentive listening and decision making, amongst others.

    • The creation of sound miniatures stemming from specific melodic cells based on scales or loops.

    • The creation of sound miniatures stemming from external influences such as a haiku, a photograph, a painting or an electronic base.

    • The activities are carried out mainly in small groups, duos, trios or quartets, although sometimes also at an individual or large group level.

         This system of working, IMDEIL, for musical instruments compensates for certain deficiencies that on occasions exists such as being able to achieve an adequate instrumental technique, playing the instrument while making body movements that are fluid and are integrated in the piece of music, developing our capacity to express different characters and in contrasting intensities in a musical theme, and being able to perform a small free improvisation based on our knowledge and instrumental prowess together with the attentive listening, concentration and decision making that are necessary to be musicians able to adapt and be very flexible in all aspects.

         You can use the contact us page to get in touch and ask for information about any of the types of workshops which form part of working system Dynamic-Expressive Musical Performance and Free Interpretation (IMDEIL)

  • Technique for clarinettists workshop

  • Technique for wind instrument workshop

  • Dynamic-expressive musical interpretation workshop

  • Free improvisation workshop

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