Free improvisation

As the years go by an artist acquires experiences and stylistic influences of all kinds. S/he may become interested in the music of other cultures and develop new instrumental techniques. All of this constitutes a unique combination in each case, and this is the reason why it is so interesting that artists fuse with others in free improvisation, without pre-established rules, and in which the most important thing is to listen and react. According to who the individuals are, the result can be completely different. Consequently this kind of improvisation is for me a way of getting to know my colleagues through sound, the word and body movement.

Con Javier Carmona y Saul Wes
Aquí con el Contra
Performance en Frigiliana
Con el primer clarinete de David...
... también se hace música
Clarinet mix
Free improvisation Jam

“Martínez Breuss Project”

   This project, based around Free Musical Improvisation, comprises the Swiss trumpeter Markus Breuss and the clarinettist Santi Mabad. Influenced by a very eclectic combination of styles such as contemporary music, cool jazz, abstract language and pointillism, they use a wide variety of instruments from the trumpet and clarinet family, as well as other instruments of their own invention. This project usually interacts with multi-disciplinary events, fusing music with dance, performance art, photography, painting …      

© 2018 Santi Mabad

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